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After trying everything, Sara shares her story of how pH balanced Structured Silver
was the only product that TRULY MADE A DIFFERENCE to regain control of her body
and overcome constant reoccurring yeast and bacterial conditions.

Put An End To Yeast Infections Today!

Next Generation
Active Silver Solution

(1639 Reviews)

pH balanced structured silver is the most advanced form of silver available for consumers today. You can treat your body with confidence knowing that Next Generation Active Silver Solution has zero (0) side effects and will not build up or metabolize in the body.

  • Restores Body's Natural pH Levels
  • Combats All Forms Of Yeast Infections
  • Eliminates Candida & Bad Bacteria
  • Supports Gut Flora Balance
  • Aids With Healthy Digestive Function

Are Your Ready To Put An End
To The Pain & Suffering

  • No more painful yeast & candida infections
  • No more public embarrassment to itch down there
  • No more pain during an sex with your partner
  • No more sleepless nights tossing & turning
  • No more bloated & uncomfortable mornings
  • No more expensive creams & pills that don't work

If Yes, Then Take Action Now &
Take Back Control Of Your Life.

Backed By Our Iron-Clad 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
You've Nothing To Lose But Just Your Recurrent Yeast Infection!

Note: Our proprietary formula is made in small batches at our laboratory & shipped directly to our customers, so order your bottle here, as it is not available in retail stores.

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Freedom’s Guarantee

Freedom Health Alliance provides exceptional products to the marketplace using ONLY the highest-quality sources, and the results speak for themselves. Shop with confidence with our 60-Day money-back guarantee. We put our hearts and souls into our products, so you’ll have an entire 60 days to try these products out for yourself.

Real Women. Real Results.
Verified Customer Testimonials

No More UTI's!

"Chronically suffering Urinary tract infections I thought that this was a condition I was going to live with for the rest of my life. I purchased the product and started taking it immediately.

The 1st day I took ¼ bottle in the morning and 2 tablespoons each hour throughout the remainder of the day. By the 3rd day I can say that the issue was gone and I haven't experienced even the slightest issue since. I now take this product every day as well as every other member of my family. I'm so HAPPY!!"

~ Deborah

Bye Bye Yeast for Good!

"I have been taking prescription medications most of my adult life. I fully understand that these medications were wreaking havoc on my gut as well as adding to my yeast conditions. I became aware of these products from a coworker who was dealing with a similar situation.

She initially gave me a bottle to try out and I was pleasantly surprised at the difference it made. I quickly became a customer and now use all the products that they offer. I'm quick to share this with others and have seen many of my friends now experience for themselves the changes I have experienced."

~ Melinda

Everyone Needs This

"Although I wasn't suffering from a yeast condition, I have had some funny things going on with my skin since the birth of my second child. I had visited a number of Doctors and no one could really figure out what was going on with me.

As someone that believes in a natural approach to health, I decided to give these products a try as they are completely natural. WOW! After a few days my skin started clearing up and Noticed so many other positive things with my face. Clearer skin, some of the fine lines disappearing and my Husband says that I have a new natural 'glow' to my radiance. I feel like I look younger and and so much more confident in how I look."

~ Frances

Thanks Mom

"My Mom is a health nut and I am not so much. This is another product that she tried to push on me like so many others. In order to have her leave me alone I decided to try it as I have been suffering from a number of digestive issues. I really didn't want it to work so that I could get my Mom off by back once and for all.

Well I guess Mom knows best. I've been taking these products for a few months now and really feel like they have made a tremendous difference. I feel like my digestive issues have cleared up as well. I have so much more energy, focus and sleep so much better. I'm definitely a sceptic turned believer!"

~ Darcey

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Put An End To Yeast Infection Today
With Active Silver Solution

Order your bottle of Next Generation Active Silver Solution today & start your journey towards better health & beyond!

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